Proudly celebrating 45 years in business!

This season, Norwood & Company is proud to be celebrating 45 years in business. This is a milestone that could not have been reached without the support of our employees and the trust of our clients.

Taking a look back at the past reminds us just how far we’ve come. Our business was originally established by Gordon Norwood as Norwood Masonry Contractors Inc. in 1977. Beginning with just himself and labourer, Norwood & Company has grown to a second generation of masons, a new owner, and twenty employees who bring a range of skills to each and every jobsite- such as masonry, waterproofing, ICF, concrete, foundation repair, demolition and excavation.

We’re proud of our past and we’re excited about our future! Norwood & Company will continue to operate based on our founding principles- quality, family owned workmanship- while striving to learn about new technics and products.

To our employees, our suppliers, our sub-contractors and clients, thank you for a successful 45 years. Congratulations and happy anniversary to us!

We look forward to the next 45!

Take advantage of our 45 years in business!

In 1977

  • French was adopted as the official language of Quebec
  • The first Apple computer went on sale
  • The UK celebrated 25 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign
  • Jimmy Carter was elected President of the United States
  • The Atari 2600 gaming system was released
  • Elvis Presley died at the age of 42
  • Rocky won the Academy Award for Best Picture
  • The New York Yankees won the World Series
  • Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup
  • Star War premiered