Brick, Block & Stone

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Masonry

Stone isn’t just durable. It’s beautiful, which is why stone has regained popularity, this time as an aesthetically pleasing and “green” design element. Now with affordable options such as cultured and pre-fabricated stone products, the options are limited only by your imagination!

Exterior Brick & Stone Veneers

Are you building a new home or giving your existing one a facelift? A brick or stone veneer on your home gives you an advantage. Not only is it an attractive, low-maintenance and time-tested alternative to siding, it also increases the value of your home.





The look of your front entrance plays heavily into the overall curb appeal of your home. As visitors enter, the front door serves as the transition into your home and is part of their first impression. Entryways are architectural components that should complement your home’s overall design, not detract from it. If your existing entry isn’t up to par, Norwood & Co. will provide you with an attractive replacement. Whether you choose a cement walkway or one with detailed interlocking stone, a welcoming entrance will definitely increase your home’s appeal.




Piers & Gateposts

One way to spice up the exterior of your home is by adding a stone feature such as piers. Norwood & Co. can build beautiful piers to define an entry gate, add curb appeal to your fence, as a base for outdoor lights or to create an attractive support for your mailbox.

Foundations, Firewalls & More!

The start of any solid building- the foundation. Norwood & Co. has extensive experience in new foundations (block, concrete, and ICF), and in repairing existing foundations (leveling, patching cracks, etc.)

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