Brick, Block & Stone


Stone isn’t just durable. It’s beautiful, which is why stone has regained popularity, this time as an aesthetically pleasing and “green” design element. Now with affordable options such as cultured and pre-fabricated stone products, the options are limited only by your imagination.

Fireplaces & Chimneys


Nothing says home quite like the warmth and beauty of a well-made fireplace. To add a refined custom look to any room- inside or out- Norwood & Co. hand builds its fireplaces to befit the feel of your home, whether it’s a chic modern abode, or a cozy cottage dwelling.



Brick and stone will stand the test of time, but every once in a while restoration work is necessary to maintain the beauty and functionality of these buildings. Our team has extensive experience in masonry restoration including work on numerous period homes, centuries-old churches, town halls, courthouses and commercial properties.

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